Atomic Aquatics – Blade Fins

With the large variety of scuba fins to choose from it is hard to know what to choose. When it comes to scuba gear in general I love to try out the latest and greatest and then fine tune my always ready go to gear bag.

Fortunately I got my hands on a pair of pink medium Atomic Blade Fins to try out even before they were available on the market. I have been one to just stick with a pair of fins for years, but with all the engineering and innovation that go into Atomics products it is hard not to notice their most recent design.

First I realized how easy it was to adjust and tighten down the fin straps… a quick pull and they were snug on my feet. Then as I was mid-giant stride off the dive boat the solid feeling of the fins securely attached to my feet was immediately obvious and reassuring. I dropped down to the shipwreck and adjusted slightly from my normal kick technique to account for the shape compared to my usual techie fins and I propelled forward with a lot of thrust and power without the added weight!

Looking at the fin closer I observed the arrow dynamic stabilizers that give race car sleekness. The shape and contour of the fins direct the flow of water to get maximum movement for each kick.

A blade fin is around 2 lbs 6 ounces. Pretty light for so much power! I hate to think how much my Rocket fins weigh. hmm.

I ended my dive and needed to climb up the boat ladder I was amazed at the ease and quickness of fin removal which helped in not holding up my fellow divers behind me! With the EZ-LOK Buckle System you can easily snap the buckle on and off, yet is secure enough to not release accidentally.

You can read more about the new Atomic Aquatics Blade Fin on their website here


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  1. I am returning to diving after 35 inactive years, and I need some fins.

    This is complicated by my feet. I wear 15/4E shoes. Buying shoes is a hassle.
    Buying fins seems impossible.

    I bought some Trifan 15-17. The rubber over the top of the foot is too small to fit
    (height of arch, width of foot) and too hard to stretch. I can only wear them for a
    few minutes before the pain of overly compressed feet gets to me.

    These are probably “better” fins than the Cressis I wore so long ago. The Cressis
    had a soft rubber closed heel foot pocket. Modern fins seem to have a flap over the
    strongly constructed blade, with a heel pocket behind. Ah progress.

    I think I need some open-heel fins designed to be worn over boots. A technical
    diver might know where to find such things, I haven’t been successful. What I’m
    using /these/ fins for is pool conditioning. 35 years is a long time.

    My number one requirement is actually being able to wear them long enough to swim
    1000 yards a day for a month or so while I get back in diving condition. All other
    considerations are secondary.

    Do you have any advice or suggestions where I should look? Or are there any well
    known methods of modifying fins to fit larger feet?

    I’m at my wits’ end. (sikaluak [at] gmail [dot] com)

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